We'll bring your dream spaces to life. Indoors and out. 

At LiveWell Home Improvement, we begin each project with the idea that we are not working on a house, we are working on a home. Each project is meticulously designed, planned and executed with the same attention to detail that we would expect on our own homes.

In addition to seeking out environmentally responsible building solutions we also strive to be a socially responsible business. We hire both our sub-contractors and employees from the local community and we pay fair wages. We also purchase our materials from local companies whenever possible.

We offer all levels of commercial and residential construction, including project management and design.


  • New home construction

  • Full home renovations

  • Additions

  • Decks

  • Sunrooms

  • Kitchens and bathrooms

  • AIP and ADA specialist

  • Historic renovation

  • Tile

  • Interior and exterior painting

  • Stonework: Patios, Retaining walls etc.

  • Custom projects: furniture, cabinets and more

  • Energy retrofitting: air sealing, insulating, redefining thermal envelope, etc.